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Marriage Made In The Heavens: Storm-Chasing Engineers Share Passion For Extreme Weather

Storm chaser Scott Nicholson remembers the day he first fell in love with extreme weather.


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Behind The Scenes Of Lurch’s Tornado Videos

Behind the scenes video from Lurch chasing tornadoes.

106.7 The Fan–05/26/2011

106.7 The Fan

Lurch Films Tornado While Storm Chasing In Oklahoma

Lurch’s video of the powerful tornadoes in Oklahoma.

106.7 The Fan–05/26/2011

Tornado about to touch down in Oklahoma

Lurch’s Storm Chasers Pics

Click through Lurch’s photos while he was chasing storms with the crew from the Discovery Channel.

106.7 The Fan–05/25/2011

Credit: NOAA

Lurch Storm Chasing In The Midwest

Lurch calls from Oklahoma to give an pre tornado chasing update.

106.7 The Fan–05/23/2011