Leonard Nimoy, World Famous as Mr. Spock on 'Star Trek', DiesLeonard Nimoy, world famous to "Star Trek" fans through a beloved cult TV series and a half-dozen films as the pointy-eared, purely logical science officer Mr. Spock, has died.
IRS Official Who Played Spock In $50G 'Star Trek' Parody Apologizes For 'Embarrassing' VideoAn Internal Revenue Service official whose division staged a lavish $4.1 million training conference and who starred as Mr. Spock in a "Star Trek" parody shown at the 2010 gathering conceded to Congress on Thursday that taxpayer dollars were wasted in the episode.
No Need to Venture Into Deep Space for Free MoviesCaptain Kirk and Spock will likely give Iron Man and Jay Gatsby a run for their money in the box office this weekend, but you don't need to spend your hard earned dollars to get your sci-fi fix.
Space Not the Final Frontier for Viewing MoviesThe crew of the International Space Station is boldly going where no one has gone before — to see the new "Star Trek" film.
Full Physical Evaluation Becoming Possible Via SmartphoneIt's not a "Star Trek" tricorder, but by hooking a variety of gadgets onto a smartphone you could almost get a complete physical — without the paper gown or even a visit to the doctor's office.
Obama Gaffe Disturbs Star Wars, Star Trek FansUh oh. The nerds may be about to turn on Obama. There was a great disturbance in the Force Friday, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror about him mixing up his science fiction references.
An Oscar-Worthy Free Movie WeekendDC is a good place to be for fans of the movies. What other town lets adventurous cineasts catch every film nominated for Best Documentary Feature at the Academy Awards, one night at a time leading up to the ceremony, for the low, low price of nothing? Here's the list of free movies for the week starting Feb. 16.
Nerds To President: Build The Enterprise Now!For the past 50 years fans of the TV show “Star Trek” have dreamed of a real starship Enterprise. However one fan, an engineer in fact, believes that it’s possible to build an actual working model of the NCC-1701 Enterprise and fly it through the stars in the foreseeable future.

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