Official: VA Improperly Spends $5 Billion A Year On HealthThe Department of Veterans Affairs is improperly spending at least $5 billion a year for medical care and supplies being purchased in violation of required practices for competitive bidding and written contracts, a senior VA official said Thursday.
Gansler: Eliminate Md.'s Special Prosecutor Office Attorney General Doug Gansler, a gubernatorial candidate in the Democratic primary, says Maryland should do away with the state prosecutor's office, an independent unit that investigates public corruption.
Cuccinelli Claims McAuliffe to Spend Extra $1 BillionLooking to reverse a slide in new polls, Republican Ken Cuccinelli claimed Wednesday his Democratic foe in Virginia's governor's race, Terry McAuliffe, would run up at least $12 billion in new state spending in four years.
Senate GOP Leader McConnell Criticized As Not Conservative EnoughSenate Republican leader Mitch McConnell is not far enough to the right for some conservatives.
Senate Dems Reject House GOP Limits, Push Billions In Additional Domestic SpendingDemocrats controlling the Senate are pushing to spending billions of dollars more than their House GOP rivals on transportation and housing programs despite tough budget limits that promise to roll the increases back.
How To Spend Your Tax RefundThe best part of paying your taxes is probably getting your refund check.
Gray: D.C. in Position to Make Major InvestmentsIn his weekly Sunday morning radio address heard only on WNEW, Gray said the time has come to make some major investments in the city.
GOP Warns Obama Against Tax Increases, Spending Republicans warned Tuesday that President Barack Obama's second-term agenda would bring more tax increases and escalate deficit spending, vowing that they would guard against Washington-centric policies and help middle-class families rebound from years of tepid economic growth.
Obama, Romney Campaign In Each Other's Shadow President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney campaigned in each other's shadow for a third straight day, hunting for votes already beginning to be cast and arguing over who would be the better job creator.

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