speeding tickets

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Md. County Paying Back $58K Worth of Speeding Tickets Due To Technicality

A slew of people who received tickets after speeding past a roadside camera in Prince George’s county are going to get their money back, authorities say.


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D.C. Activates Cameras at Stop Signs, Crosswalks

District of Columbia police are deploying a new set of automated traffic enforcement tools to ticket drivers for speeding and infractions at stop signs, crosswalks and intersections.


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Speed Camera Firm Refunding $27,000 in Md.

Police in Hagerstown say a speed camera contractor will refund more than $27,000 for about 800 speeding tickets because it failed to get its equipment inspected as often as state law requires.


Archive image of road construction. (Credit: Phil Walter/Getty Images)

Md. Issues Far Fewer Speeding Tickets in Work Zones

Speeding tickets issued to motorists in work zones in Maryland appear to be down significantly in 2012 compared with last year.