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(Credit: Mark Segraves/NewsRadio 99.1 WNEW)

Olney Leaders Investigate, Question Speed Cameras

There’s one speed camera that doles out more tickets than any other in Montgomery County and it has some asking whether residents are benefiting, or being targeted.


(Credit: Mark Segraves/NewsRadio 99.1 WNEW)

New Speed Cameras in D.C.

Five new speed cameras will begin operating Monday throughout D.C.


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New Speed Camera Locations in D.C.

New camera locations are set to start tracking the speed of District drivers, D.C. police say.


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Maryland Teen Gets 2 Days in Jail in Speed-Camera Burning

A Howard County teen has been sentenced to two days in jail for setting fire to speed-camera equipment.


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8 New Speed Cameras Deployed in D.C.

The 30-day “warning period” for eight new D.C. speed cameras begins today.


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5 New Speed Cameras Now Issuing Tickets, Fines in D.C.

The cameras, which are all located in Southeast Washington, were installed in early June.


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5 New Speed Cameras Added in D.C.

Five automated speed cameras targeting heavy-footed drivers are being deployed Wednesday in the District.


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Speed Camera Tickets Down Sharply In D.C., Up In Montgomery County

The capitol area’s three largest regions generated more than $105 million from speed cameras in 2013. But the number of tickets issued is dropping in D.C.


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Md. County Paying Back $58K Worth of Speeding Tickets Due To Technicality

A slew of people who received tickets after speeding past a roadside camera in Prince George’s county are going to get their money back, authorities say.


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D.C. Speed Camera Revenue Nose Dives After Speed Limits Increase Slightly

Last year’s decision by the D.C. City Council to increase the speed limit on some major roadways is having a huge impact on speed camera tickets.