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Baltimore City Speed Camera Program Making a Comeback

Baltimore City’s speed camera program is coming back as council members release their year-long investigation into it.


A stop sign is seen next to the US Congress building. (credit: MLADEN ANTONOV/AFP/Getty Images)

9 New Traffic Violation Cameras Deployed in D.C.

Nine new traffic violation cameras are being deployed across the District.


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Md. Man Arrested for Damaging Speed Camera Van

An Ellicott City man has been arrested after police say he damaged a speed camera van with a BB gun while the operator was inside.


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8 New Speed Cameras in D.C. to Begin Issuing Tickets

The 30-day warning period for traffic violations ends at midnight on Dec. 2 for eight new D.C. speed cameras.


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10 New Speed Enforcement Cameras Placed in D.C.

D.C. Police announced 10 new speed cameras throughout the city.


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D.C. Traffic Camera, Actually In Md. For Years, Moved Back Over The Line

AAA is calling for D.C. to refund several years worth of red light and speeding tickets issued by a camera that was, until this week, actually located in Maryland.


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14 New D.C. Speed Cameras Now Issuing Tickets, Fines

More than a dozen speed cameras targeting heavy-footed drivers in the District are officially active.


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D.C. Adds 14 Speed Cameras

14 automated speed cameras targeting heavy-footed drivers will debut Tuesday in the District.


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Md. Delegate Pushing For Statewide Speed Camera Plan

A Maryland state delegate who originally proposed to expand speed camera enforcement in Prince George’s County is reportedly withdrawing that bill in favor of a statewide one.