Meals using cobra meat are considered a delicacy in China and other parts of Asia. (Photo by ADEK BERRY/AFP/Getty Images)

Chef Dies After Severed Cobra Head Bites Him

Chinese chef was preparing a soup made from the deadly serpent, which is a delicacy in Asia.


(credit: Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

Fantasy Football Draft Day: Snake Or Auction Format?

The auction draft format has begun to emerge as a commonplace format, replacing the snake draft in ever-increasing numbers. Which is the best format for you, and your league?


Archive image of a python. (credit: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

Escaped 8-Foot Snake Found After Two Months on the Run

A sneaky serpent that’s been on the run since September is back in her owner’s care. The 7-year-old, 8-foot female python escaped from a tank in a shed behind her owner’s residence