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Some smokers at the University of Maryland are flocking to designated smoking areas to light up; while others, not so much. (credit: Lauren McLendon/All-News 99.1)

No Butts About It: UMd. Smoking Ban Lacks Enforcement

The push for a smoke-free campus is underway at the the University of Maryland’s College Park campus, but is administration just blowing smoke?


credit: Oli Scarff/Getty Images

Starbucks To Ban Smoking Within 25 Feet of Cafes

Starbucks customers will soon have to stamp out their cigarettes before approaching the cafes.


Credit: Daniel Barry/Getty Images

Maryland Senate OKs Ban on Smoking in Cars With Young Kids

The Maryland Senate has approved a ban on smoking in vehicles if a child under eight is a passenger.


credit: Daniel Barry/Getty Images

Montgomery County Council Extends Smoking Ban

A new smoking ban in Montgomery County will limit where people can smoke on county owned property.


Credit: Ed Jones/AFP/GettyImages

Va. Senate Panel Backs Smoking Restriction

A Virginia Senate committee has endorsed legislation making it illegal for adults to smoke with kids in the car.



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