Smithsonian National Zoo

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Best Free Summer Activities For Kids In Washington DC

The search is on for free, fun activities for kids this summer and the Nation’s Capital has many events all over the city that invites kids to come, explore and have a bit of fun while they are at it.


National Zoo tamandua named Cayenne

Tamandua on Exhibit at National Zoo

A one-year-old female southern tamandua named Cayenne is now on exhibit at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo.


Photo Credit: Janice Sveda, Smithsonian’s National Zoo

National Zoo Welcomes 3 New Elephants From Canada

The National Zoo is welcoming three new Asian elephants to its herd.


The giant panda cub at Smithsonian’s National Zoo grew a lot during the 16-day federal government shutdown. During that time, the panda cam was off and the Smithsonian did not post updates or pictures on their website, Facebook or Twitter. (credit: Smithsonian's National Zoo)

Voting Begins for Naming the Nat’l Zoo Panda Cub

It’s election day in Maryland and Virginia, but today also marks the first day of voting for what to name the National Zoo’s panda cub.


Storms Sweep DC Area

What To Do With One Day In Washington DC

When you only have one day in the District, here are the top five things to do to get a glimpse of DC culture.


Go Trick-Or-Treating

Best Neighborhoods For Trick-Or-Treating In Washington DC

When Halloween comes around, Washingtonians like to get their spook on. Although nothing can be scarier than a politician, here are the best neighborhoods to score the goods when you’re out trick-or-treating.


Giant Panda Cub seen near its mother. (credit: Smithsonian's National Zoo)

Get Your Panda Fix If The Panda Cam Goes Dark During Shutdown

Officials say the Smithsonian’s National Zoo panda cam and all other live animal cameras will go dark in the event of a government shutdown. The zoo will be closed to visitors as well.


File photo of the giant panda cub born at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo. (credit: Smithsonian's National Zoo)

VIDEO: Nat’l Zoo Panda Cub Is Now 4 Weeks Old

The National Zoo’s panda cub is four weeks old as of Friday, according to caretakers.


A sloth bear cub (Hank) was born at the National Zoo on Dec. 19, 2012.  (Photo credit: Abby Wood, Smithsonian's National Zoo)

A Guide To The Smithsonian’s National Zoo

Washington DC is home to one of the best zoos in the world with more than 400 species of animals in one large, 163-acre park in the center of the city. Refer to this guide on your next visit.


Photo credit: Courtney Janney, Smithsonian National Zoo

Protective Panda Mom Prevents 2nd Exam of Cub

Attempts by the panda team at the National Zoo to distract new mom Mei Xiang so they could examine her newborn cub Tuesday were unsuccessful.