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Obama Tries Again to Get Paid Leave for More Workers

President Barack Obama launched a fresh push Thursday to bring paid sick and family leave to working parents and other private-sector employees as the White House unveiled proposals that could benefit tens of millions of people. Most require action by the Republican-controlled Congress.


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Sick Leave Bill Left Behind In Maryland

Lawmakers say efforts to raise Maryland’s minimum wage are crowding out the bill that would require employers to offer paid sick leave.


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Workers, Business Owners Debate Sick-Leave Mandate

Del. John A. Olszewski Jr. says many of the workers who need sick leave the most, such as low-wage employees who can’t afford to miss a day’s pay, are the ones who can’t earn it in their jobs.


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Md. Employees Would Receive More Paid Sick Days Under Proposed Bill

Delegates are considering a mandate for businesses to give their employees paid sick days — about eight or nine annually for full-time workers.


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DC’s Sick Leave Audit Enlightening

Your employer may not hassle you about taking sick leave when you wake up with a sniffle, but an audit reveals many D.C. employers haven’t gotten the message that offering sick time is the law, and has been for five years.