House Stenographer Escorted Off Floor While Ranting About ConstitutionLast night, as the House of Representatives were voting to end the 16-day government shutdown, things were briefly interrupted after a stenographer started to rant on the dais.
During Shutdown, Congressional Pay Strikes A Nerve When Rep. Lee Terry, R-Neb., was asked whether he'd continue to collect his paycheck during the government shutdown, he offered a defiant response: "Dang straight."
D.C. Lottery to Stop Paying Players Due to ShutdownThe D.C. Lottery's slogan is "Lots of people win." But until the federal shutdown is over, nobody wins.
IRS: No Tax Refunds During Shutdown, But You Must Still Pay The Internal Revenue Service says you must pay your taxes during the government shutdown. But don't expect any refunds.
Obama: House GOP 'Demanded Ransom Just For Doing Their Jobs'While addressing members of the press following the government shutdown, President Barack Obama said that Republicans in the House of Representatives "demanded ransom just for doing their jobs."
Study: 1996 Government Shutdown Would Cost More Than $2 Billion TodayAccording to a study conducted by the Pew Research Center, the last government shutdowns - which occurred in the 1996 fiscal year under the administration of then-president Bill Clinton - cost the nation an estimated $1.4 billion dollars.
Air Traffic Tower Closures Will Strip Safety Net The planned shutdown of nearly 240 air traffic control towers across the country under federal budget cuts will strip away an extra layer of safety during takeoffs and landings, leaving pilots to manage the most critical stages of flight on their own.

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