sept. 11

File photo of he construction at Ground Zero. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed will be among those headed back to military tribunal this weekend in Guantanamo Bay. (credit: Getty Images)

Sept. 11 Case Returns To Guantanamo Tribunal

Five men accused of orchestrating the Sept. 11 attacks, including the self-proclaimed mastermind, are headed back to a military tribunal at Guantanamo Bay on Saturday, more than three years after President Barack Obama put the case on hold in a failed effort to move the proceedings to a civilian court and close the prison at the U.S. base in Cuba.


credit: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

House Democrats Slam Bloomberg Over NYPD Muslim Spying Program

House Democrats are criticizing New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg for what they called his “underhanded and unprofessional” response to criticism of the New York Police Department’s spying programs.