Report: 19 Amendments, Delays To 'Obamacare' Since Its Signing A Congressional Research Service report finds that President has already signed 14 laws to amend, retract or simply change the Affordable Care Act, and he has also taken five steps to delay the federal law.
Coburn: Obama 'Perilously Close' To Constitutional Standard Of ImpeachmentAnother Republican is talking about the impeaching President Barack Obama.
Sen. Graham: President Obama Using 'Tone Deaf' Approach To War On TerrorRepublicans keep slamming President Barack Obama's push to move the government away from a war footing and refine and recalibrate counterterrorism strategy.
Senate Rejects Measure To Expand Use Of Firearms On Federal LandsThe Senate rejected an effort Wednesday to expand the use of firearms on some of the nation's most frequently visited federal lands, handing gun control advocates a modest success.
Paul: 'I Want To Be Constructive In Making' Immigration Bill Strong Enough For Conservatives To Vote ForRepublican senators criticized border security provisions in a new immigration bill Tuesday, arguing that the landmark legislation can't pass Congress unless the measures are strengthened.
White House 'Charm Offensive' On Capitol Hill Welcomed By Many GOP LawmakersRepublican lawmakers said Sunday they welcome President Barack Obama's courtship and suggested the fresh engagement between the White House and Congress might help yield solutions to the stubborn budget battle that puts Americans' jobs at risk.
Senate Democrats Fail To Win Gun Control Support From Key Conservative Senate Democrats have set aside their effort to win support from conservative Sen. Tom Coburn for requiring federal background checks for nearly all gun purchases, an aide to a key lawmaker said Wednesday.

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