Texas Republican Senator Proposing Gun Background Check BillThe Senate's No. 2 Republican is introducing legislation that would reward states for sending more information about residents with serious mental problems to the federal background check system for firearms purchasers.
Republicans Stay Strong In TexasGreg Abbot is projected to be the next governor of the Lone Star state, John Cornyn wins his 3rd term in the Senate.
Cornyn: 'It Looks Like We're On A Track To Do Absolutely Nothing'Senate Democrats and House Republicans are moving separately to slash President Barack Obama's $3.7 billion emergency spending request for the border, but they're unlikely to end up with a deal that could pass both chambers.
Legislation Would Allow Agents To Turn Many Immigrant Children Around Quickly At BorderTwo Texas lawmakers are teaming up on a bill to speed removals of the unaccompanied Central American kids who've been arriving by the tens of thousands at the U.S.-Mexico border.
Cornyn: Reid Running Senate 'Like A Dictatorship'A widely popular, bipartisan energy savings bill fell victim in the Senate on Monday to election-year politics and the Obama administration's continued indecision on the Keystone XL oil pipeline.
Rubio Looks To Sell Conservative Lawmakers On Immigration LegislationSenate debate on a far-reaching immigration bill is becoming a test of Sen. Marco Rubio's influence over fellow Republicans as the Florida conservative works to sell GOP lawmakers on landmark legislation that also may help determine the fate of his presidential ambitions.
Former IRS Commissioner: I Knew Little About What Was HappeningThe man who led the Internal Revenue Service when it was giving extra scrutiny to Tea Party and other conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status told Congress on Tuesday that he knew little about what was happening while he was still commissioner.
Graham: Hagel Would Be 'Most Antagonistic' Defense Secretary Toward Israel In Nation's HistoryRepublican senators fear former Sen. Chuck Hagel as secretary of defense would further deteriorate relations with Israel.
Opinion: Calling For Eric Holder’s Resignation – Again
Sen. Cornyn: Obama Trying 'To Divide The Country' Over Gay MarriageThe chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee says President Obama is trying to “divide the country” over gay marriage.

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