Sarah Palin Looking Forward To 2016 After Dealing With Being Let Go From Job, Cancer ScareThe former Alaska governor and vice presidential candidate opened up about her terrible year.
Sarah Palin Sends Adele A Special Signed Copy Of Her New BookSarah Palin might be calling Adele to say “Hello.”
Sarah Palin Wants Louis C.K. To Slay Salmon With HerComedian Louis C.K. a couple years back tweeted several jokes about Sarah Palin while he was intoxicated on a plane.
Palin: It's 'In God's Hands' If I Run For Political Office AgainSarah Palin is “putting it in God’s hands” if she ever runs for political office again.
Trump: I'd 'Love' To Have Palin In My AdministrationDonald Trump said he would make room for Sarah Palin in his administration if elected president.
Palin Facebook Post Asks Which Killed 90,000 Black Babies Last Year: Confederate Flag Or Planned ParenthoodFormer Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is going after Planned Parenthood after two stealthily recorded videos showed officials discussing how they provided aborted fetal organs for research.
Palin: Both McCain, Trump Are HeroesFormer Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin calls both Sen. John McCain and Donald Trump heroes.
Sarah Palin Shutting Down Subscriber-Based Online ChannelSarah Palin's foray into a subscriber-based online channel, where she could connect directly to viewers without a media filter, is shutting down.
Bristol Palin Announces Pregnancy: 'I Do Not Want Any Lectures'Bristol Palin, daughter of Former Republican Alaska Gov. Palin, announced in a blog post Thursday that she's expecting her second child.
Palin Praises Trump For Entering Presidential RaceFormer Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is praising billionaire Donald Trump for entering the Republican presidential race.
Palin: Media 'Double Standard' Between Duggar And 'Pedophile' Lena DunhamFormer Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin labeled “Girls” actress Lena Dunham a “pedophile,” saying that while “liberals in the media” attempt to “crucify” the Duggar family, Dunham is given a pass for sexual encounters with her younger sister.
Sarah Palin: Bristol's Wedding 'Will Not Be Held'Bristol Palin was scheduled to marry Medal of Honor recipient Marine Sgt. Dakota Meyer on Saturday, but Sarah Palin announced on Facebook that the wedding is off.

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