Obama: 'We Don't Need A War' With RussiaPresident Barack Obama says that the United States is not looking to go to war with Russia over the unrest in Ukraine.
Putin: 'Nonsense' That Russian Forces Causing Unrest In Eastern UkraineRussia's President Vladimir Putin on Thursday dismissed claims that Russian special forces are fomenting unrest in eastern Ukraine as "nonsense," but expressed hope for success of four-way talks on settling the crisis.
Russia May Halt U.S. Inspections Over SanctionsRussian news reports say Moscow may suspend arms control treaties in retaliation for U.S. withdrawal from military cooperation.
Obama: West Won't Let Kremlin Carve Up UkraineU.S pledges the Crimean Peninsula will remain part of Ukraine.
Poll: Israeli Jews Losing Faith In United States70 percent tell an Israeli pollster they no longer believe the U.S. can be relied upon to support the Jewish State's interests.
Iran, U.S., Europe Start Implementing Nuclear DealIran has begun to curb its atomic work in exchange for easing of international sanctions.
Obama to Senators: Pause For 'Period of Time' on Seeking Iran SanctionsPresident Barack Obama has personally appealed to senators to hold off on seeking additional sanctions on Iran while the U.S. and world powers negotiate a nuclear deal with Tehran.
Iran: West Does Not Need To Declare Uranium 'Right' Iran's foreign minister says his there is no need for world powers to publicly acknowledge Iran's "right" to uranium enrichment, offering a potential way to sidestep another sticking point on a possible nuclear deal when talks resume later this week.

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