Iraqi Officials Believe Saddam's Top Deputy KilledHe was the last member of Saddam Hussein's inner circle still on the run, depicted with his distinctive red moustache as the "king of clubs" on the U.S. military's deck of cards of most-wanted Iraqi regime fugitives.
Bush Says He Was Surprised Saddam Hussein 'Didn't Believe' US Would InvadePresident George W. Bush says he was surprised to learn that Saddam Hussein didn’t believe the former U.S. president would take military action against in 2003.
Saddam Hussein's Tomb Damaged In ISIS FightingThe tomb of Iraq's deceased dictator Saddam Hussein was damaged in clashes between militants from the Islamic State radical group and government soldiers in his hometown, according to local officials Tuesday.
Islamic State Of Iraq: We Have Old Scores To Settle With Baghdad GovernmentAn al Qaeda splinter group has vowed to march on to Baghdad after seizing two key Sunni-dominated cities in Iraq, as the nation's military reportedly launched its first airstrikes against the militants in one of the locations.
Reversals In Hard-Won Iraqi City Vex VeteransThe image of two charred American bodies hanging from a bridge as a jubilant crowd pelted them with shoes seared the name Fallujah into the American psyche. The brutal house-to-house battle to tame the Iraqi insurgent stronghold cemented its place in U.S. military history.
Carney: 'Credit Is Due' For Bush's Decision To Send Troops To IraqA decade after sending troops into Iraq, former President George W. Bush is getting some credit from the Obama Administration.
Documentary: Israeli Intel Agency Tried To Kill Saddam Hussein With Book BombA new documentary reveals that an Israeli intelligence agency tried to kill former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein with an exploding book.
Former Vice President Cheney Worried About Iraq's FutureFormer Vice President Dick Cheney says Iraqi leaders have progressed toward a stable society, but he's worried about the failure of Washington and Baghdad to negotiate a "stay-behind" U.S. force there.

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