FCC Moves To Block RobocallsThe Federal Communications Commission on Thursday agreed that Verizon, AT&T and other telecommunication carriers aren't duty-bound to connect those annoying "robocalls" if a consumer doesn't want them.
Can Phone Companies Do More To Block Robocalls?The Federal Communications Commission has been asked to consider the question of whether phone companies could do more to stop the onslaught of "robocalls," the automated phone calls favored by scammers
Henson, Convicted of Robocalls, to Run For Office Julius Henson, who was convicted in a case involving robocalls on Election Day in 2010, says he is running for the General Assembly.
Medical-Alert Scam Aimed at Seniors Shut DownFederal and state regulators have shut down a multimillion-dollar scam that duped seniors into turning over their credit card information.
Appeals Court Upholds Verdict in Robocall Case A federal appeals court has upheld a $1 million civil verdict against a political consultant responsible for an illegal robocall in the 2010 Maryland governor's race.
Federal Government Offering $50G To Help Block Robot Telemarketing CallsPre-recorded telemarketing calls have become a large enough problem that the federal government is now offering $50,000 to anyone who can figure out a way to block them.
Consultant To Return To Stand In Ehrlich Campaign's Robocalls TrialA campaign consultant accused of using Election Day robocalls to suppress black voter turnout in the 2010 gubernatorial election is expected to return to the witness stand at his trial.

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