Robert Griffin III

Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III holds up a football after scoring a touchdown against Dallas

Jay Gruden says Robert Griffin III Will Enter 2015 as Starting Quarterback

Robert Griffin III will start for the Redskins in 2015, coach Jay Gruden says.


Robert Griffin III's wife is pregnant, he says

RG3 Birthday Surprise: He’s Going to be a Dad!

RG3 appears to be receiving the gift of fatherhood on his 25th birthday. The Redskins quarterback announced the news on social media.


robert griffin iii black and white photo

Jim Rome: RG3’s ‘Got to be That Guy who Googles Himself. Has to be.’

Jim Rome teed off on RG3 on his national radio show, saying he’s “got to be that guy who Googles himself,” while contrasting him to Tom Brady and Russell Wilson.


Robert Griffin III Looks On

RG3 Responds to Critics with Motivational Quote: ‘[redacted] If You Do, [redacted] If You Don’t’

Robert Griffin III responds to his most recent media storm with another inspirational quote, thus completing one full cycle.


Robert Griffin III of the Washington Redskins

Jim Rome: Robert Griffin III Needs to ‘Take a Look at the Man in the Mirror’ (Listen)

After the media storm over RG3’s video singing along to Michael Jackson, Jim Rome says RG3 needs to “take a look at the man in the mirror.”


Robert Griffin III on the sideline during a blowout loss to Tamp Bay

Jason Reid: RG3 ‘Doesn’t Even Accept That He’s Failing’

Robert Griffin III, according to Jason Reid and people within the Redskins organization, “has not taken responsibility for his role in his failure.”


Robert Griffin III singing along in his car to Michael Jackson. (via @rgiii/Instagram)

RG3 Argues with Instagram User Who Says He Cares Too Much About Social Media

RG3 is arguing with a fan who says he cares too much about social media in the comments section of an Instagram video.


Robert Griffin III benched

Jason Reid: Egotistical RG3 is ‘One of the Least Self-aware People You’ll Ever Meet’

Robert Griffin III is “one of the least self-aware people you’ll ever meet,” whose ineptitude in the pocket “was outmatched only by his ego,” writes Jason Reid.


RG3 Touchdown Run

RG3 Omitted from Redskins’ ‘Nucleus’ in Letter to Season Ticket-holders

Why did the Redskins not mention Robert Griffin III as part of their “nucleus” in a promotional letter sent to season ticket-holders?


Kirk Cousins Looks for Open Redskins Receiver

Joe Theismann: Redskins Need to Trade Kirk Cousins

Joe Theismann still believes Kirk Cousins will be a good NFL quarterback, but says the Redskins will be forced to trade him this offseason.