Robert Byrd

But in the Senate, the 66-year-old upstart stands out as a rare breed: a back-slapping, gun-owning Democrat who attracts widespread support from working-class whites in an increasingly Republican state. (D- WV).  (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Democrat Sen. Manchin Seen As A Friendly Blue In A Red State

Many locals around here see Sen. Joe Manchin as one of them, so much so they greet the 30-year veteran of West Virginia politics by his first name more often than by his title.


Army Secretary McHugh Testifies At Senate Appropriations Committee On Army Budget

Senator Daniel Inouye of Hawaii Died On Last Word ‘Aloha’

Sen. Daniel Inouye of Hawaii, the influential Democrat who broke racial barriers on Capitol Hill and played key roles in congressional investigations of the Watergate and Iran-Contra scandals, died Monday.