Study: White Americans A Bigger Terror Threat In The US Than MuslimsA research group finds that twice as many people have died in attacks by right-wing groups in America than have died in attacks by Muslim extremists since 9/11.
Poll: Majority Of Americans Dislike Both Political Parties, Still Pick SidesMore than one-five Americans interpret someone who identifies themselves as Republican as someone who “supports wealthy/businesses/not for the people,” with 22 percent saying “conservative” and “right wing” are only in support of businesses.
O'Reilly: President Obama, George W. Bush Are 'Both Patriots'Bill O’Reilly told Jimmy Kimmel on Tuesday night that his Super Bowl interview with President Barack Obama was “the toughest interview of my life,” adding that he must balance respect for the president with tough journalistic inquiry.
HBO's 'The Newsroom' Labels Tea Party 'The American Taliban'HBO’s politically-tinged television series “The Newsroom” drew the ire of right-wing commentators and politicians by describing the Tea Party movement as, “The American Taliban.”

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