Perry: Republicans 'Truly Offering Black Americans The Hope Of A Better Life'Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry says black families should hold Democrats accountable for decades of what he says are unsuccessful anti-poverty programs.
Rick Perry To Say June 4th If He'll Run For President AgainThe former Texas governor will make the announcement about his political future at an event in Dallas next month.
Rick Perry: ISIS 'The Worst Threat To Freedom Since Communism'Rick Perry called for a harder-line approach in the Middle East and accused the administration of "making grave calculations that make the world less safe."
Rick Perry: 'A Congressional Majority Is A Terrible Thing To Waste'As they begin to shape their prospective bids for president, ambitious Republican governors are eager to seize on voters' contempt for that most dirty of political words: "Washington."
Rick Perry: 'I'm Ready' For White House RunThe Texas governor admits there was more excitement than preparation when he ran for the GOP nomination in 2012.
2016 Campaign Checklist: They've All Been So BusyA comprehensive checklist of possible 2016 Presidential candidates.
In Texas, Obama Offers Health Care Pep Talk Beset by hard-to-keep promises and a massive website failure, President Barack Obama traveled to the heart of the "Obamacare" opposition Wednesday, declaring that ideological rigidity was denying health insurance to millions of Americans.
Texas Gov. Visits Md. to Say: Md. Businesses Should Move to the Lone Star StateTexas Governor Rick Perry was in Maryland today, to say in person what he's been touting on local airwaves recently.

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