Poll: Majority Of Republican Voters Support Immigrant Protection PoliciesAmericans appear open to a softer immigration policy than Republican presidential candidates have preached in the past. Even a majority of Republicans in the country can see themselves voting for someone who would protect millions of immigrants from deportation, according to a new poll.
GOP House Measure Would Block Local D.C. Abortion Rights LawRepublicans pushed legislation toward House passage Thursday that would revoke a local District of Columbia law barring discrimination against workers who have abortions, the latest clash pitting claims of religious freedom against reproductive rights.
Marco Rubio-Jeb Bush Alliance Sours In GOP Primary FaceoffTies between Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, political allies for more than a decade, are fraying as the Republican presidential campaign picks up.
Some Democrats Eyeing GOP's 'Never Compromise' MottoRepublicans from sharply conservative House districts have won recent elections by promising to "never compromise," and now some Democrats are eyeing the same motto for their primaries.
Obama: 'Some Members Of Congress Want To Make Common Cause With Hardliners In Iran'Republican lawmakers warned the leaders of Iran on Monday that any nuclear deal they cut with President Barack Obama could expire the day he leaves office. The White House denounced the GOP's latest effort to undercut the international negotiations as a "rush to war."
Congress Tries 1-Week Bill To Keep Homeland Security Open
Gov. Jindal To GOP Congress: 'Grow A Spine'Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal on Thursday had a tough message for fellow Republicans who were wrestling with how to fund the Homeland Security Department: "Grow a spine."
Gov. Walker: Protesters Prepared Me To Confront Global TerrorismWisconsin Gov. Scott Walker said Thursday that his experience taking on thousands of protesters in his state helped prepare him to take on terrorists across the world.
Poll: 58 Percent Of Americans Say Obama Should Meet With NetanyahuMost Americans say it was inappropriate for House Speaker John Boehner to invite Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to address the U.S. Congress, but a majority also believe President Barack Obama should still meet the Israeli leader.
Congressional Black Caucus Members Line Up Against 'Disrespectful' Netanyahu SpeechSeveral members of the Congressional Black Caucus say they’re planning to skip Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Mar. 3 speech to Congress, calling it a “disrespectful” political move made by Republicans.
Second Defeat For GOP On Homeland, Immigration BillSenate Republicans put Democrats on record for a second time Wednesday against legislation combining Homeland Security funding with rollbacks of President Barack Obama's immigration policies.
Reid: Republicans 'Posturing For The Right Wing Of Their Party'To hear congressional Republicans tell it, Democrats are so eager to grant work permits to immigrants in the U.S. illegally that they'd risk funding for the Homeland Security Department to do it. Democrats counter that it's Republicans who are jeopardizing the Homeland Security budget in their zeal to deport immigrants brought here illegally as children.