Rep. Raul Labrador

GOP Rep: ‘Best Way To Stay Secure Is To Practice Abstinence’ From Obamacare Site

Speaking at a Heritage Foundation event on Tuesday, House Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) joined with other conservative lawmakers in denouncing the Affordable Care Act, saying that the best way to avoid the program’s privacy concerns is to “practice abstinence.”


Anderson Cooper looked to pin down direct answers from Republican Rep. Raul Labrador on a series of federal government shutdown issues, and when the Idaho congressman accused Cooper of taking sides, Cooper responded sharply. (Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images)

Cooper To House Republican: ‘You’re Not On Fox News’

“When you’re not on a Fox News, you get contentious interviews. When you’re not on MSNBC and a liberal, you get contentious interviews.”


Rep. Raul Labrador, R-Idaho, speaks at the Conservative Political Action conference (CPAC), on Feb. 10, 2011 in Washington, D.C. (credit: Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

GOP Rep: ‘I Have Drawn A Red Line On Immigration’

Lawmakers are returning to the nation’s capital after a five-week break and have unfinished business on immigration.