Rep. Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan: Obamacare Going To "Collapse Under Its Own Weight"Republican Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan is predicting an ill fate for the Affordable Care Act, following a portion of the law being upheld by the Supreme Court last week.
Paul Ryan: 'We've Had Climate Change Forever'The planet has faced climate change forever and humans' pollution might not be to blame, Republican U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan said Monday during a debate against his Democratic challenger.
Ryan: Purported Beheading Reflects Obama Weakness U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan says the circumstances that led to the purported beheading of a second U.S. journalist by the Islamic State group reflect a weakness of President Barack Obama's foreign policy.
Paul Ryan: I Won't Seriously Consider White House Run Until Next YearWisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan said Wednesday that he won't seriously consider a Republican presidential bid until next year, saying he wants to stay focused on his work in Congress and talk with his family before making any major decisions.
Palin Calls Paul Ryan's Budget Plan A 'Joke,' 'Definition Of Insanity'Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is not a fan of Rep. Paul Ryan’s $5.1 trillion budget plan.
Ryan: 'We Should Not Give Signals That We Are Going To Withdraw And Retreat'Congressman Paul Ryan said Tuesday that he doesn't think proposed cuts to the military are wise given the war in Syria and conflict in Ukraine.
Paul Ryan: There's No 'Civil War In The Republican Party'Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., is downplaying any type of “civil war” within the Republican Party.
Paul Ryan: 'I Can't Believe We Lost To These Guys'Former Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan still can’t believe that he and Mitt Romney are not in the White House.
Ryan: Obama Administration 'Becoming Increasingly Lawless By The Day'Republican congressman Paul Ryan says he's keeping his options open about a prospective run for president but won't be looking at the 2016 contest in earnest until after Congress breaks for the year.
Paul Ryan: Obama 'Wants To Go Around The Constitution'Former Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan criticized President Barack Obama’s assertion that he will bypass Congress and act unilaterally to enact laws with executive orders.
Ryan: House GOP Will Tackle Immigration Reform In PiecesU.S. Rep. Paul Ryan says House Republicans will tackle immigration reform in pieces rather than the Senate's comprehensive approach.
Rep. Ryan: I Was 'Caught Off Guard' On Budget Deal Criticism From ConservativesThe co-architect of a new budget deal in Congress concedes the political accommodation is modest, but says it moves a fiscally challenged government "in the right direction."