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For High School Newspaper in Pa., Fight About Printing the Word ‘Redskins’ Rages On

A suburban Philadelphia school board has approved a policy limiting — but not completely eliminating — a school newspaper’s ability to ban use of the word “Redskins” when referring to the school’s sports teams or mascot.


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School Newspaper Refuses to Print ‘Redskins’

Though the academic year has come to an end, a racially charged controversy continues for a high school newspaper refusing to print ‘Redskins’.



U.S. Patent Office Rules ‘Redskins’ Name Disparaging, Cancels Trademarks

The United States Patent and Trademark Office canceled six federal trademarks held by the Washington Redskins involving the team’s name in a potentially landmark ruling issued Wednesday morning.



Redskins Name Campaign Targets Every NFL Player

Groups who oppose the Washington Redskins name say they are taking their case directly to the players.



Congressman Requests Hearing on Redskins Name

A member of Congress is requesting a hearing on the Washington Redskins name, calling it “another example of racial insensitivity in sports” in the wake of Donald Sterling’s lifetime ban from the NBA.



Navajo Nation Council: Redskins Name OK For Schools, Not NFL

The Navajo Nation Council formally has opposed the use of the Washington Redskins name.


Robert Griffin III threw for 311 yards and four touchdowns against their division rival, Dallas Cowboys on Thanksgiving Day.     (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

Oneida Indian Nation to Air Ad in Dallas Before Sunday’s Redskins Game

The debate over the Washington Redskins name will follow the team on the road when it faces the rival Dallas Cowboys.


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High School Pumps Brakes on Redskins Name Change

A high school in Idaho is pumping the brakes on its decision to stop using the Redskins nickname after receiving national criticism and public outcry.


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Poll Finds Widespread Support for Redskins Name

The Redskins nickname, which some consider a derogatory term for Native Americans, has faced a barrage of criticism this offseason. But a new Associated Press-GfK poll shows that nationally, “Redskins” still enjoys widespread support.