Red Lobster

Lobster and Spaghetti

Red Lobster Goes Vertical on Plate to Push Quality

Red Lobster wants to be seen as a purveyor of quality seafood, so it’s getting rid of some of its promotional discounts and stacking the food higher on plates, as is the style at fancier restaurants.


This placard hereby signifies the Red Lobster has been committed to the seas, for eternity. 
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The Junkies Held a Funeral Service for Redskins’ ‘Red Lobster’

Inspired by the nickname given to Mike Shanahan by Fred Smoot, the Junkies laid the ‘Red Lobster’ in his final resting place on 106.7 The Fan on Friday, recognizing that the current coaching regime for the Washington Redskins could be coming to it’s unfortunate demise.


This is the best he's looked in a long time. (Credit: @blueshortslife)

J.P.’s ‘The Lobster’ Rap feat. Jasmine Frazier

J.P. Flaim delivered a somber, but beautiful rendition of ‘The Lobster’ during the funeral service for the ‘Red Lobster’ Friday. Jasmine Frazier, who performed the rousing chorus, deserves a special mention. Listen to it again, here.


Washington Redskins v Philadelphia Eagles

Smoot: It’s Broiler Time for ‘The Red Lobster’ a.k.a. Mike Shanahan

Fred Smoot, who dubbed Mike Shanahan ‘The Red Lobster’ earlier in the season, said it’s time for the broiler for the coach if the Redskins lose their upcoming game to the Eagles, and compared the coach to a grandmother who’s getting too old to cook like she used to.


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CDC Says Stomach Bug Linked To Cilantro, Salad Mix

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says some Texas cases in a severe stomach bug outbreak last summer have been linked to Mexican cilantro.


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FDA Links Stomach Bug In 2 States To Mexican Farm

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Food and Drug Administration says an outbreak of stomach illnesses in Iowa and Nebraska is linked to salad mix served at local Olive Garden and Red Lobster restaurants and supplied by […]