Red Bull Opposing Va. Craft Brewery's Use of 'Ox' in NameThe maker of Red Bull energy drinks is challenging a Virginia craft brewery's use of the word "ox" in its brand name.
VIDEO: Local Fire Dept. Participates in Red Bull FlugtagMembers of the Prince George's County Fire Department participated in Red Bull's Flugtag event at Southpointe Waterfront in D.C. Saturday.
BASE Jumper Leaps From 19th Story Balcony in National HarborA man jumped off a 19th story indoor hotel balcony and into the atrium of Gaylord Convention Center in National Harbor on Thursday.
Study: Popular Energy Drinks Pose Serious Health Risk To TeensPopular energy drinks such as the popular Red Bull and Rockstar brands have potentially hazardous effects on teens – especially when combined with alcohol.

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