Study: Racial Anxiety May Alter Time Perception For White AmericansWhites who reported more racial anxiety perceived approaching black faces as moving more slowly than white faces.
Study: Americans Are More Politically Biased Than RacistPolitical differences between Democrats and Republicans are increasingly moving to polar opposites, with their political biases spreading into their social lives more dramatically than race or religious differences.
Secretary Hagel Will Review Army’s New ‘Racially Biased’ Hair RegulationsU.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has agreed to review the U.S. Army’s new grooming standards, which went into effect March 31 and have been called "racially biased."
Justice Dept. to Collect Data on Stops, Arrests Attorney General Eric Holder says the Justice Department plans to collect data on police stops, searches and arrests in an effort to study racial bias in law enforcement.
Congressional Black Caucus Joins Fight Against Army's New 'Racially Biased' Hair RegulationsWomen from the Congressional Black Caucus have joined the fight again the U.S. Army's new grooming standards.
Army Faces Backlash From Women Who Say New Hair Regulations are 'Racially Biased'New U.S. Army grooming standards that went into effect earlier this week are being criticized by people who are calling them "racially biased."
Study: Racism May Accelerate Aging In African-American MenA study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine finds that African-American men who reported high levels of racial discrimination, or who have internalized anti-black attitudes, have an increased risk of premature death and chronic disease than white people.
FBI: 62 Percent Of Religious Hate-Crimes Are Anti-JewishAccording to the Federal Bureau of Investigation 2012 Hate Crime Statistics, approximately two-thirds of religious hate crimes are anti-Jewish.
Poll: Many Americans Have No Friends of a Different RaceMany Americans, especially white Americans, have no friends outside of their own racial group, according to a new Reuters poll.
Study: Google Searches Expose 'Racial Bias In Society'A study of Google searches found that names typically associated with black people were likely to produce advertisements tied to criminal activity and others that may expose “racial bias in society.”

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