Study: Psychedelic Drugs May Help Treat Anxiety, AddictionPsychedelic drugs like LSD or "magic mushrooms" may be beneficial in carefully controlled settings for patients suffering from intense anxiety, addiction, or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), according to a new study.
Shop Where Customers Cuddle With a Stranger to Open in Md.Would you pay to cuddle with a stranger? You could have the option to soon if a "cuddle shop" opens in Maryland.
Blueberries May Help Treat Post-Traumatic Stress DisorderEating blueberries may help combat post-traumatic stress disorder, new research finds.
Puppies at Warrior Canine Connection More Than Just a Cute FaceThe puppies at Warrior Canine Connection are more than just a cute, fluffy face -- they're service dogs in training.
Conversations With Veterans: The Struggle Post Military LifeFemale vets, who currently number close to two million, may have it even tougher than their male counterparts. One such veteran is Donna, a Denver-based, single mom, whose struggles lasted far longer than her deployment.
Depression And Homelessness Struggles Among U.S. VeteransHomelessness among veterans is a complex problem, and a difficult one to resolve. But there is hope, and resources.
Conversations With Veterans: Michael Newcombe's Struggle Post Military LifeWhen Michael Newcombe became an active duty combat engineer for the Army, he had the world on a string, but an injury received in Afghanistan changed all that. Plagued by homelessness, unemployment and addiction, this young veteran refused to give up. This is his story.
Relatives: Vet Arrested At White House Needs HelpAn Iraq war veteran accused of scaling a fence and making it into the White House before the Secret Service stopped him owns several guns that he could have brought with him if he had meant to harm anyone, his former stepson said Sunday.
Study: Virtual-Reality System Helps Treat PTSD In SoldiersVR computer programs found to help returning vets ease symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder.
Dem Senator: PTSD 'May Have Been A Factor' In Reported PlagiarismSen. John Walsh said his unattributed use of others' work in his master's thesis was not plagiarism but "a few citations that were unintentionally left out of a term paper" that he blamed in part on post-Iraq war trauma.
Study: Suicides More Likely To Occur After MidnightAccording to a new study, suicides are more likely to happen after midnight.
Police Unions: PTSD Affecting Every Department In U.S.Police unions across the U.S. are pushing for officers to be able to collect workers' compensation benefits if they suffer post-traumatic stress disorder, whether they got it from the general stress of police work or from responding to a deadly shooting rampage.

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