Keidel: Rice Regrets, The World ForgetsNo matter what Ray Rice said yesterday, it can't change what he did or the near-universal perception that aristocrats get more chances than we do. But Rice made one refreshing statement: His wife could do no wrong.
Gibbs: 2013 The Worst Year Of Obama's PresidencyPresident Barack Obama’s former press secretary doesn't believe his old boss had a 2013 to remember.
Obama: 'I Did Not Put This Before Congress Just As A Political Ploy'While speaking at a press conference during the G20 Summit, President Barack Obama used the opportunity to once again call for military action against the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad.
Obama On Syria Action: 'My Credibility Is Not On The Line'President Barack Obama traveled to Sweden on Wednesday ahead of the G20 Summit as he is seeking international support for a military strike against Syria for use of chemical weapons. Obama landed in Stockholm to meet with Swedish Prime Minister John Fredrik Reinfeldt for a press conference on their shared views for international action in Syria.
Kerry: 'What We Choose To Do or Not Do Matters' in SyriaDuring a press conference Friday afternoon Secretary of State John Kerry condemned attacks reportedly perpetrated by the Syrian government against its own people - which he referred to as a "crime against humanity" - and asserted that the actions of the Untied States in response will have long-lasting effects on international politics.
Obama: 'We Are Not Going To Completely Eliminate Terrorism'During a press conference on Friday at the White House, President Barack Obama said that the United States is not likely to ever eradicate terrorism.
Obama Responds Warily To Sex Scandal, FBI Probe Responding warily to his administration's sudden sex scandal, President Barack Obama said Wednesday he's seen no evidence that national security was damaged by the revelations that ended his CIA director's career and imperil that of his Afghan war commander.
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