Koch Event Drawing 2016 Hopefuls Rubio, Paul, Cruz, WalkerFlorida Sen. Marco Rubio is sending clear signs about an expected run for the presidency in 2016.
Kentucky Bill Would Let Rand Paul Run For 2 Offices At The Same TimeRepublican lawmaker from Kentucky wants to clarify state law which prevents someone from running for multiple political offices.
Barbara Bush Says It's 'OK' If Jeb Decides To Run For PresidentFormer First Lady says it would be "OK" if Jeb Bush decided to run.
Jeb Bush Laughs Off Mom's 'Enough Bushes' Remark Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush says he's undecided about running for president, but he doesn't appear to agree with his mother that there've been enough Bushes in the White House.
Walker To Court Iowans, Stoke 2016 Talk Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is gearing up for re-election next year, his third race in four years. But the Republican's courting of out-of-state donors and conservatives, his plans to visit Iowa this week and his refusal to say whether he would serve out another full term if elected suggest he might be seeking a much bigger prize — the presidency.
Bush Started As Uniter, Ended Up Divider On June 12, 1999, George W. Bush began his White House quest with this comment at to a barbecue-going crowd in Iowa: "This country is hungry for a new style of campaign ... a campaign that unites all Americans toward a better tomorrow."
Obama Embarks on First Working Day of Second TermFour years ago, President Barack Obama and his staff spent the first day in the White House learning the basics. Not just the basics of governing, but also figuring out how to get cleared into their offices by the Secret Service, log on to their government computers and find keys to unlock office drawers.

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