Maryland Democrats Set Up Voter Hotline for ProblemsMaryland Democrats are reminding voters of their rights ahead of the Nov. 4 election and have set up a hotline to respond to any problems at the polls.
D.C. Voting Machines Malfunction Weeks Before ElectionAbout four weeks from today D.C. residents will head to the polls to vote for their mayor, marijuana legalization and a minimum wage increase. But the D.C. Council fears the machines they use to vote on those important issues might not work properly.
D.C. Election Performance Index Still Poor, But Improving D.C.'s election performance is still fairly poor compared with other states, but is improving, according to recently released data from The Pew Charitable Trust.
Dems' Win Puts Party on Cusp of Va. Senate ControlUndeterred by a snowstorm, thousands of voters in parts of Loudoun and Fairfax counties trudged to the polls to cast ballots in a special election that is likely to determine whether Democrats or Republicans control the state Senate.
Poll: Cockroaches, Root Canals, Nickelback More Popular Than CongressMath and the American people have spoken, Congress is the worst - mostly.
Opinion: Obama’s Biggest Failure Has Been On Race RelationsUnfortunately, political poll after political poll reveals that the presidential election of 2012 has much to do – in fact, more to do – with the race of the presidential candidate than most anything else.
Gay-Marriage Forces Seek Win At PollsIrene Huskens has the wedding venue picked out: a charming bed-and-breakfast in southern Maryland. But the wedding is no sure thing.
Opinion: Presidential Poll TrollingThough the polls give political junkies a rush – and can put them on a natural high for a time or sink them into the bowels of depression – they mean absolutely nothing on Election Day. The poll taken on Election Day at the nation’s polling booths is obviously the only one that counts.
Obama Gaining In Popularity Among WomenIt's looking like President Barack Obama may be back in the good graces of women.
Romney Goes On The Attack Against GingrichMitt Romney is aggressively attacking rival Newt Gingrich as the former House speaker rises in the polls.

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