Bill Clinton Fesses Up About Donald Trump Phone CallOn "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert," former president Bill Clinton admits he did talk to Donald Trump on the phone, but that they did not discuss politics.
Live From New York ... It's Hillary Clinton!Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton will make a cameo appearance on Saturday Night Live's season premiere.
Donald Trump Teases Tax Plan On '60 Minutes'Trump promises to raise taxes on the very wealthy and close tax loopholes for corporations and hedge funds while reducing taxes to zero for lower income Americans.
Boehner Says He'll Get Lots Done In His Final Month As SpeakerOutgoing House Speaker John Boehner promises CBS's "Face the Nation" he will avert a threatened government shutdown when the government runs out of money Wednesday night.
Four In Ten Americans Say Wall Should Be Built At Canadian BorderWhen asked if there should be a wall along the Canadian border if the U.S. builds one at the Mexican border, about 40 percent of respondents agreed.
Donald Trump Declines To Correct Man Who Calls Obama A MuslimCritics say Trump should have corrected the man who falsely stated President Obama is Muslim.
Study: How You Tweet Reveals Your Political LeaningsYou can tell someone’s political opinion on Twitter partly by how much they swear or mention God, says a new study.
Stephen Colbert Mocks Jeb Bush For Selling VIP Tickets To His ShowThe Late Show host Stephen Colbert released a video saying the Bush campaign never asked him if it was OK to use tickets to his show to raise money.
Poll: Biden Leads Clinton Against Top GOP OpponentsA new poll from Quinnipiac University shows the Vice President has a slight edge over the former Secretary of State in head-to-head matchups against Trump, Bush and Rubio.
Trump: 'I Cherish Women, I Want to Help Women'Donald Trump on Sunday professed his love for women and said he would be their best advocate if elected president, dismissing the firestorm of his own making that has consumed the Republican presidential campaign.
Report: Bill Clinton Called Donald Trump Before Presidential AnnouncementThe former president made a private phone call to the GOP frontrunner just weeks before Trump announced he would seek the presidential nomination.
Charles Koch Compares Political Work To Civil Rights MovementOne by one, the wealthy conservative donors stood up Monday and pledged millions of dollars to the favorite causes of billionaire industrialists Charles and David Koch.