This App Will Plan Your Entire TripInstead of spending hours tabbing through travel sites, hit Rome2Rio: an oracle-like web/app that maps out the exact planes, trains, and automobiles (with fares) to take between any two places on the planet.
The Jet Of The Future Only Has Window SeatsThe jet of the future has faster travel times and huge digital screens that feel as if every seat is a window seat.
Movies for Adults, Children and Everyone Caught in the Middle, Free of ChargeThis weekend's box office brings movies for kids, adults, and adults who act like kids, but free movie screenings in the area bring cinematic entertainment to everyone without breaking the bank.
American Airlines Fixes Computers, Delays Go OnAmerican Airlines says it has fixed an outage in its main reservations system that is disrupting travel for thousands of passengers whose flights have been delayed or canceled.
FAA Ordering Comprehensive Review Of Boeing's 787sFederal regulators say they are ordering a comprehensive review of the critical systems of Boeing's 787s, the aircraft maker's newest and most technologically advanced plane, after a fire and a fuel leak earlier this week.

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