Best Island Hopping Destinations In AsiaFive of the best Asian countries for island hopping
Obama: US Will Levy Sanctions On Russia's High-Tech Defense Industry ExportsSeeking to ratchet up pressure on Russian President Vladimir Putin, President Barack Obama said the United States would levy new sanctions Monday on Russian individuals and companies in retaliation for Moscow's alleged provocations in Ukraine.
WWII Film Event Includes Used Limbs For FilipinosA video production company is promoting its World War II documentary, "Rescue in the Philippines," with a Capitol Hill screening that includes a donation of used prosthetic limbs to the typhoon-battered nation.
Experts: Man, Nature Share Typhoon Tragedy BlameNature and man together cooked up the disaster in the Philippines.
Experts Warn Of More Violent Cyclones In Wake Of Philippine TyphoonWeather experts are warning that the destruction caused by Super Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines is just the beginning of increasingly violent cyclones to come as a result of rising ocean temperatures.
'Superstorm' Aims For Philippines
President Obama Cancels Asia Trip Because Of Shutdown
Suspected US Drug Smuggler Arrested In ThailandAn American described as a "leading drug lord" with a network spanning Asia and the United States was sent back to the U.S. on a government-chartered plane following his arrest in Thailand, authorities said Friday.

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