Sunset at Montmajour, 1888. (Photo credit: Van Gogh Museum)

D.C. Exhibit of Van Gogh’s ‘Repetitions’ Extended

The Phillips Collection is extending its exhibition of Vincent van Gogh’s artwork for an extra week in Washington.


Sunset at Montmajour, 1888. (Photo credit: Van Gogh Museum)

Van Gogh’s Artistic ‘Repetitions’ Featured in D.C.

Vincent van Gogh’s various versions of some of his well-known paintings are featured in the first major exhibit of his artwork in Washington in 15 years at The Phillips Collection.


Obamanation by Jon McNaughton (Photo Credit:

Controversial Artist Creates New Obama Attack

Jon McNaughton released yet another painting about President Obama.


One of the more popular pictures that Jason Heuser produced, "Teddy Roosevelt Bigfoot Hunter" (Photo Credit: Jason Heuser)

JFK Riding A Unicorn? Artist Depicts Presidential Greats In Sci-Fi Settings

Just imagine JFK riding a robot unicorn on the moon, Thomas Jefferson punching out gorillas, Ben Franklin battling Zeus in the sky, or Teddy Roosevelt hunting Sasquatch with a machine gun — these are some of the magical, weird, and fantastical images that Jason Heuser produces.



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