Survey of NFL Players Shows Wide Support for WeedNot everyone would use it, but marijuana has a lot of support in the NFL player community, and it's already more widely used than reported.
Former Players: NFL Teams 'Conspired' to Push PainkillersHundreds of former players have filed a lawsuit claiming all 32 NFL teams, their doctors, trainers and medical staffs obtained and provided painkillers to players — often illegally — as part of a decades-long conspiracy to keep them on the field without regard for their long-term health.
Anti-Addiction Groups Call For FDA Chief To Step Down Amid Painkiller Abuse EpidemicAnti-addiction activists are calling for the Food and Drug Administration's top official to step down, saying the agency's policies have contributed to a national epidemic of prescription painkiller abuse.
Former Player: 'The NFL Is A Cult'Former NFL player-turned-actor Terry Crews claims the league is a “cult.”
Ex-NFL Players: League Illegally Used Drugs To Cover-Up InjuriesA group of retired NFL players says in a lawsuit that the league illegally supplied them with risky painkillers that numbed their injuries and led to medical complications.
Lawyer: Md. Doctor to Plead Guilty to Drug Charge A Baltimore-area gynecologist charged with illegally distributing powerful painkillers to patients is expected to plead guilty to federal charges.
Study: Too Much Running Linked To Shorter LifespansGoing for runs on a regular basis has been linked to a multitude of health benefits in countless research studies, but recent research suggests that too much running is tied to a shorter lifespan.

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