Redskins Logo Digitally Removed from Ad Featuring RG3 Touchdown Run“Change The Mascot” ad features actual game footage of an RG3 touchdown run, with all traces of the Redskins logo digitally removed.
Group Asks Broadcasters to Stop Saying 'Redskins' on Public AirwavesA group campaigning for the Washington Redskins to change their name is sending a letter to broadcasters requesting that the name not be uttered on the public airwaves.
Oneida Nation: Taxpayers Can't Pay to Help Redskins Profit Off of 'Racial Slur'Taxpayer resources cannot be used to help private companies profit off the promotion of dictionary defined racial slurs, is the position of the Oneida Indian Nation in a press release issued in the wake of the ruling revoking the Redskins six federal trademarks.
Oneida Indian Nation: Dan Snyder's 'Living in an Alternate Universe'Oneida Indian Nation has responded to Daniel Snyder's claim that the Redskins team name is "not an issue," by suggesting the team owner is "living in an alternate universe."
Redskins: Doesn't Congress Have More Important Issues To Worry About Than Our Name?Two lawmakers critical of the Washington Redskins team name have sent a letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell urging him to call on the franchise to stop using its nickname.
Roger Goodell 'Isn't Listening' to Native Americans on Redskins NameNFL Commissioner Roger Goodell defended the Redskins organization's continued use of its team name, and at least one Native American group has since voiced public condemnation of Goodell for it.
Oneida Takes Redskins' Name Complaint to United NationsThe Oneida Indian leader from upstate New York who has become a high-profile critic of the Washington Redskins' nickname has taken his case to the United Nations.
Redskins Name Debate Reaches United NationsThe Oneida Indian leader from upstate New York who has become a high-profile critic of the Washington Redskins' nickname is taking his case to the United Nations.
Oneida Indian Nation Praises DHall for Stance Against Redskins' NameThe Oneida Indian Nation has come out in praise of DeAngelo Hall for saying the Redskins “probably should” change their team name, viewed by many to be offensive towards Native Americans.
Oneida Indian Nation Praises D.C. Council for Passing 'Redskins' ResolutionThe Oneida Indian Nation issued a press release Tuesday praising the D.C. City Council for passing a resolution calling for the Redskins to change their “racist and derogatory” team name.
Oneida Nation Requests Meeting with all NFL OwnersRepresentatives of the Oneida Indian Nation have requested a meeting with all 32 NFL owners during Super Bowl week, hoping to persuade them to get the Washington franchise to drop the nickname Redskins.
After Meeting With Snyder, Goodell Will Talk Redskins Name With Indian OpponentsOne day after meeting with Daniel Snyder, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell with discuss the Washington Redskins name with Native Americans who say the name is a racial slur.

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