Historian Illustrates What Hiroshima Bomb Would Look Like If It Hit Your CityA nuclear historian has created a map visualizing what the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bomb explosions would look like in different cities around the world.
Trump: Obama 'Just Put A Big Target On Manhattan'Donald Trump ripped President Barack Obama for his comment about being concerned about a nuclear weapon going off in New York City.
Rubio: Iran's 'Ultimate Goal' Is To Achieve Relief From Sanctions While Keeping Option Of Developing NukeFlorida Sen. Marco Rubio is telling a London audience that he fears an international agreement with Iran will let that nation keep pursuing nuclear weapons.
Kerry: Iran Not Getting A Nuclear Weapon 'A Promise By The President Of The US'U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry on Sunday tried to reassure America's Arab friends that the United States will not allow them to be attacked "from outside," in an apparent warning to Iran.
North Korea Moves To Sever Last Economic Link, SKorea Finds 'Indication' Of Nuclear PreppingNorth Korea said Monday it will recall 51,000 North Korean workers and suspend operations at a factory complex it has jointly run with South Korea, moving closer to severing its last economic link with its rival as tensions escalate.
Obama: 'Non-Military Way' Can Prevent Nuclear IranPresident Barack Obama says he hopes military action isn't required to stop Iran from building a nuclear weapon.
Obama Says Iran A Year Away From Nuclear WeaponIran is about a year away from developing a nuclear weapon and the United States remains committed to doing everything in its power to prevent that from happening, President Barack Obama said in an exclusive interview aired Thursday on Israeli TV.
Netanyahu: Mideast Would Be 'Relieved' If Israel Took Out Iran's NukesIsraeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tells a French newspaper that the Middle East would be relieved if the Jewish state took out Iran’s nuclear facilities.
Cameron Warns Netanyahu Not To Launch Military Strike On Iran Right NowBritish Prime Minister David Cameron warns Israel that now is not the time to launch a military strike against Iran.
Top Iranian Official Warns 10,000 Israelis Would Die If Israel Attacks IranA top Iranian official warns that 10,000 Israelis will die if the Jewish state attacks the Islamic Republic.
Iranian Scientist: We Are Working 'Non-Stop' On Nuclear ProgramAn Iranian scientist claims that he and a team of other scientists are making progress and working “non-stop” on the Tehran regime’s nuclear program.
Israeli Official: Obama 'Failing To Put Israel At Ease'A top Israeli official is saying the President Obama is “failing to put Israel at ease.”

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