Judge Dismisses 'Joker' Workplace Threat CaseA judge on Tuesday dismissed charges against a Maryland man who police said called himself a "joker" and told a co-worker that he planned to kill his boss and commit mass violence.
Judge Orders GPS Monitoring For 'Joker'A judge has ordered GPS monitoring for a Maryland man accused of calling himself a "joker" while phoning in a threat to his workplace.
'Joker' Office Shooting Threat Suspect Released To ParentsA Crofton man accused of referring to himself as "a joker" and threatening to shoot up his workplace has been released to his parents from a psychiatric facility.
Neil Prescott Faces Misdemeanor Charge Following Averted Office Shooting Plot Neil Prescott, who referred to himself as 'a joker' and made violent threats against his former employer, was charged with telephone facilities and equipment in connection with the incident.
Neil Prescott Remains Under Doctor's Care, Uncharged For Threatening To Shoot OfficeNeil Prescott has not yet been charged for making threats against his former employer and the Pitney Bowes location where he was working.
Friend Of Neil Prescott, Thwarted 'Joker' Office Shooter, Says He's A Gentle GiantA friend of Neil E. Prescott, the Maryland man accused of threatening to shoot up his workplace, is a "gentle giant" who collected weapons and had expressed concerns about break-ins near his apartment complex.
Thwarted Office Shooter Neil Prescott: "I Am The Joker"A local man was arrested at his home Thursday evening for allegedly threatening to shoot his fellow coworkers.

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