Baby Loggerhead Sea Turtle Moves Into National AquariumThe National Aquarium's newest resident fits in the palm of your hand.
Best Places to View Wildlife Near Washington, D.C.Washington, DC is known for it's monuments, museums and historic buildings. People may be surprised to know that the city and surrounding areas is flush with nature and wildlife.
National Aquarium Launches Hands-On 'Living Seashore' ExhibitBaltimore's National Aquarium has launched an interactive exhibit called "Living Seashore" that will allow visitors to get hands-on when learning about the Mid-Atlantic shore.
Baby Sloth is 5th Born at Baltimore's National AquariumA baby sloth has been born at the National Aquarium in Baltimore.
Sloth Born at National Aquarium in BaltimoreThe National Aquarium in Baltimore announced the birth of a baby sloth on Monday.
National Aquarium Project Attempts To Restore Inner Harbor's ImageBaltimore’s Inner Harbor is far more alive than most people give it credit for.
National Aquarium Marks 33rd Anniversary The National Aquarium in Baltimore is celebrating its 33rd anniversary.
National Aquarium to Host 'Star-Spangled Friday Night' EventThe National Aquarium in Baltimore is launching a new series of events on Friday nights to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Baltimore in 1812 that inspired the words for the national anthem.
Baltimore Aquarium Considers Ditching DolphinsThe National Aquarium in Baltimore is considering whether to continue exhibiting dolphins.
National Aquarium's Overhaul Boosts Attendance An overhaul of the National Aquarium's centerpiece exhibit is boosting attendance and raising the profile of the Baltimore attraction.
National Aquarium Closing Its Doors After 128 YearsAn aquarium that opened its doors to visitors in 1885 is closing its doors in the nation's capital.
National Aquarium in Baltimore Brings Back Discount Program The National Aquarium in Baltimore is bringing back two discount programs to help keep the attraction affordable to Maryland residents.

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