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US actor and singer Kevin Costner attend

Free Movie Weekend: Kevin Costner Crazy

While you wait for The Hobbit to arrive in theaters next weekend, there are plenty of free movies to enjoy in and around Washington.


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Free Movie Weekend: How ‘Life of Pi’ Director Got His Start

Acclaimed director Ang Lee’s latest film Life of Pi has been dazzling audiences for the last week and a half with its amazing special effects and 3D imagery.


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Free Movie Weekend: Holiday Selection is Thin But Not Non-Existent

This is a holiday weekend, so the usual vast array of free film offerings at the local museums and stages is a bit truncated for Thanksgiving. But even though it’s a lean cornucopia, there are a few old movies you can see in and around town this week, with no cash required.


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Movies In The City: Your Guide to Free Weekend Movies

Go to a museum on any given weekend in Washington, and chances are you’ll find a free movie to barge in on. This weekend, though, there are a lot more cinematic offerings with no ticket required, and many of them aren’t even decades old.


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Movies in the City: Why Pay When You Can Get it for Free?

It’s a safe bet that the most popular movie at the box office this weekend will be the one about the video game character who breaks out of his virtual world and explores the rest of what the arcade has to offer.