Scientists: Solid Evidence for 9th Planet in Solar SystemScientists say they finally have "solid evidence" for Planet X, a true ninth planet on the fringes of our solar system.
NASA Want Ad: Astronauts Needed to Help Get to MarsNASA opened its astronaut-application website Monday.
New NASA Photos Show Massive Rocket Explosion in VirginiaThe launch of an unmanned commercial supply rocket on the eastern shore of Virginia was supposed to be a moment of celebration.
NASA's Scott Kelly Breaks U.S. Record For Most Days in SpaceWaking up hundreds of miles above the Himalayas, astronaut Scott Kelly broke the U.S. record Friday for the most time spent in space with 383 days.
Life on Mars? NASA Says Planet Appears to Have Flowing WaterMars appears to have flowing rivulets of water, at least in the summer, scientists reported Monday in a finding that boosts the odds of life on the red planet.
NASA Postpones Rocket Launch from Wallops Due to WeatherNASA says it has postponed the launch of a rocket carrying student experiments because of poor weather.
Scientists Find Closest Thing Yet to Earth-Sun Twin SystemScientists have identified a "close cousin" to Earth that's orbiting a sun-like star and might harbor life.
Expert: 'All Coastal Cities Become Dysfunctional' If Sea Levels Rise Several FeetNASA’s former climate chief is warning that coastal cities could “become dysfunctional” if sea levels rise.
'Beautiful Eye Candy': Frozen Plains in Pluto's HeartVast frozen plains exist next door to Pluto's big, rugged mountains sculpted of ice, scientists said Friday, three days after humanity's first-ever flyby of the dwarf planet.
'Something Wonderful': 1st Close-Up Pictures of PlutoScientists have released the first up-close images ever of Pluto and its big moon Charon. And they say they're amazed.
DARPA Engineering Organisms To Transform Mars Into Earth-Like PlanetScientists at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) are looking to create engineered organisms to eventually transform Mars into a more Earth-like planet hospitable to human life.
Pluto Just 4 Weeks, 20 Million Miles Away For SpacecraftNASA's New Horizons spacecraft is at Pluto's doorstep, following an incredible journey of nine years and 3 billion miles.

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