File photo of Russian President Vladimir Putin. (credit: Harry Engels/Getty Images)

Putin: ‘Nonsense’ That Russian Forces Causing Unrest In Eastern Ukraine

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin on Thursday dismissed claims that Russian special forces are fomenting unrest in eastern Ukraine as “nonsense,” but expressed hope for success of four-way talks on settling the crisis.


The draft bill is one of several steps before Russia formally annexes Crimea from Ukraine.
(Getty Images)

Putin Approves Draft Bill For Annexation Of Crimea

Russia is preparing to formally annex the Black Sea peninsula after Sunday’s referendum.


Secretary of State John Kerry brushed aside criticism of Obama administration Middle East policy Thursday, taking exception to assertions Washington has been too passive in the face of surging terrorism in the region.Hill. (Getty Images)

Kerry Warns Russia Against Annexing Ukraine’s Crimea

U.S. and Europe are threatening economic and political consequences if Russia does not stand down in Ukraine.


Russian president Vladimir Putin's name has been put forward as a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize. (Getty Images)

Vladimir Putin Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize

Russian president’s name was submitted for consideration despite recent saber-rattling.


Heavily armed soldiers wearing no identifying military insignia stand guard outside the Crimean parliament building in Simeropol. (Getty Images)

Crimean Leader Claims Control, Asks Putin For Help

The pro-Russian leader of Ukraine’s Crimea appealed to Russia’s president for help in keeping the peace.


Security officers at Moscow's airport are reportedly not bothering to inspect passengers bags on flight to Sochi. (Getty Images)

Banned Carry-On Items Get Through Russian Security

Journalists and tourists have been able to board planes in Moscow with toothpaste and other liquids, say officials are not checking for them.


Nadezhda Tolokonnikova (right) and Maria Alyokhina (left) say the punk rockers want ex-tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky to replace Vladimir Putin as Russian president. (YEVGENY FELDMAN/AFP/Getty Images)

Pussy Riot Members Urge Olympic Boycott, Resignation Of Putin

Two members of the Russian punk band Pussy Riot, who spent nearly two years in prison for their irreverent anti-government protests, said they still want to topple President Vladimir Putin.


Six are dead after a suspected suicide bomber detonated on a bus in Volgograd, Russia (AFP/Getty Images)

Suicide Bomber Strikes Russian Bus, Killing Six

A female suicide bomber blew herself up on a city bus in southern Russia on Monday, killing six people and injuring about 30, officials said.


Edward Snowden's father arrived in Moscow to meet with his son, who is still in hiding.  (The Guardian via Getty Images)

Edward Snowden’s Father Arrives In Moscow

The father of former National Security Agency systems analyst Edward Snowden arrived in Moscow Thursday morning to meet with his son who has received asylum in Russia and has been living at a secret location.


The foreign relations and defense commission of Brazil's lower house has authorized an official trip by legislators to go to Moscow to interview National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden about spying on Brazil. (Photo by The Guardian via Getty Images)

Brazil Pols Authorize Moscow Trip To Interview Snowden About Spying

The foreign relations and defense commission of Brazil’s lower house has authorized an official trip by legislators to go to Moscow to interview National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden about spying on Brazil.