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Hillary Clinton To Jeb Bush: American Workers Need A Raise

Hillary Rodham Clinton accused former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush of lacking an understanding of the needs of American workers on Monday, using an agenda-setting economic speech to cast Republican prescriptions for the economy as relics of the past that would do little to boost wages for the middle-class.


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Minimum Wage Goes Up Today in D.C., Maryland

The latest minimum wage increases in D.C. and Maryland are now in effect.


Chris Christie Speaking

Democrats Attack Christie At Annual Meeting

Republican Gov. Chris Christie played a central role at the state’s Democratic conference on Friday.


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McDonald’s: Workers to Get Pay Hikes at Company-Owned Stores

McDonald’s says it’s raising pay for workers at company-owned U.S. restaurants, making it the latest employer to sweeten worker incentives in an improving economy.


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Maryland Minimum Wage to Rise 75 Cents

Maryland’s minimum wage is going up 75 cents.


Workers and activists are protesting outside of the Walmart on H St. in Northwest D.C. on Friday.(Photo Credit: John Domen/All-News 99.1)

Workers, Activists Protest Low Wages at D.C. Walmart on Black Friday

Protesters outside of the Walmart on H Street are calling for better wages on Black Friday.


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Montgomery County’s New Minimum Wage Goes Into Effect

Montgomery County’s minimum wage increases Wednesday to $8.40, the first step of a plan to increase it to $11.50 by 2017.


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Gov. Quinn To Live Off Equivalent Of Minimum Wage

Gov. Pat Quinn agreed on Sunday to briefly live on the equivalent of a minimum-wage salary as he rallies support for a Nov. 4 Illinois ballot measure on the issue.


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D.C.’s New Minimum Wage Goes Into Effect Today

D.C. workers are celebrating today, as the city’s minimum wage increases from $8.25 to $9.50 per hour.


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Minimum Wage in D.C. to Increase on July 1

Employers and workers in the District are preparing for an increase to the minimum wage, which raises to $9.50 per hour on July 1.