michele bachmann

File photo of Michele Bachmann. (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Bachmann Calls Presidential Campaign A ‘Series Of Humiliations’

Former GOP Candidate Michele Bachmann was quoted as calling her 2012 presidential campaign “one series of humiliations after another.”


Michele Bachmann has suspended her campaign for the Republican presidential nomination following her poor showing in the Iowa caucuses. (credit: Getty Images)

Bachmann Quits Race, Says She’ll Fight For Issues

Michele Bachmann is quitting the Republican presidential campaign, saying she’s “decided to stand aside” in the wake of her sixth place finish in the Iowa precinct caucuses.


Mitt Romney and his fellow Republican contenders vying for the presidential nomination have gotten ugly in their Iowa campaigns. (credit: Getty Images)

Watch Out: Political Attacks Turn Nasty In Iowa

In a state whose Midwestern civility usually extends to politics, the Republican presidential campaign has become an acerbic affair.