Mayor Bloomberg

The Rise Of ‘Duck Dynasty,’ The Super Bowl Blackout, And The Knockout Game: Top Talkers Of 2013

From the rise of a redneck family, to the lights going out during the biggest football game of the year and the proposed ban of Big Gulps, 2013 has seen it’s share of headlines that […]


(Photo credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Police: Notes to Obama, NYC Mayor Had Gun Threats

A suspicious letter mailed to the White House was similar to two threatening, poison-laced letters on the gun law debate sent to New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, one of the nation’s most potent gun-control advocates, officials said Thursday.


Mayor Michael Bloomberg attends the New Yorkers For Children Annual Fall Gala at 583 Park on Sept. 18, 2007 in New York City. (Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images)

Bloomberg: ‘I Know Exactly Who I’m Going To Vote For’ But I Won’t Tell

Mayor Michael Bloomberg says he knows how he’ll be voting in next month’s presidential election. But thus far, he’s not telling.