Matt Valdez

A copy of the New York Post also chronicles the perils of spring break, which apparently is happening right here in America.

Special Report: College Kids ‘Party’ on Spring Break (Video)

Junkies: In a special report, brought to you by Ainsley Earhardt, Fox News regrets to inform you college kids are “partying” while on spring break, and it’s happening right here “in AMERICA” (Video).


matt valdez smashing car

Valdez Smashes His Car in Recreation of Richie Incognito Ferrari Incident

Matt Valdez went full Richie Incognito and smashed up his car with a baseball bat (Video).


Here's a family which very likely resembles the Valdez household, modeling off a pellet stove, courtesy of Getty Images. (Credit: MEHDI FEDOUACH/AFP/Getty Images)

Six AM: Valdez Ranks Anne Arundel Co. Suburbs, Owns Pellet Stove

The earliest Junkies segments of the day often yield the funniest moments of the show, but it’s early, so they can get overlooked. Here’s what you missed from the 6 AM hour Tuesday: Valdez ranking Anne Arundel burbs, whoring his mom, and owning a pellet stove?


Matt's tongue gets stuck to pole. Credit: @ewadd1067)

Polar Vortex: Matt Valdez Licks Pole, Tongue Sticks

Crazy weather makes people do crazy things. The Polar Vortex drove Junkies’ producer Matt Valdez to lick the flagpole in front of the radio station, just to see if it would stick. Here’s pic & video evidence.


The chick Cakes pwnd in college. (Credit: JEAN-PIERRE CLATOT/AFP/Getty Images)

Viral Video: Cow Gets Pummeled While Getting Pummeled [NSFW]

While the headline really says it all, click this link if you want to watch a cow get nailed while uhhh … getting nailed.


Orb gets washed in the barn area during the morning training for the 2013 Kentucky Derby, where Drab and Valdez will be hobnobbing with Bob Baffert a year from now. (Credit: Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

Two Donkeys Are Buying a Horse

Matt Valdez and Drab T-Shirt made a legendary announcement on the show Wednesday, about a business venture they’re jointly pursuing, and credit must be given where credit is due: they nailed the big reveal.


Valparaiso v Michigan State

Unlikely War of Words: The Matt Valdez vs. Ken Pomeroy Saga

The last person who should ever get into a war of words is Matt Valdez, producer of the Junkies. But that’s exactly what he found himself in after taking a cheap jab at one of his heroes, Ken Pomeroy, and those words found their way to the renowned basketball guru. Read/listen to how this very viscous saga unfolded across multiple platforms.


'Girls Gone Wild' founder Joe Francis presents an award during the 29th annual Adult Video News Awards Show at The Joint inside the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino January 21, 2012. (Credit: Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Fake News: EB, Valdez to Launch World’s First #PornCast

It takes a lot to do morning radio well. One distinguishable characteristic of a great show is identifying the conversations people want to have, but may not be ready to have themselves. Does it work the same for sex? And would people pay?


Junkies Bikini Contest - 7/26/12

The Porn Junkies: Why Daddy’s Little Girl Needs to Watch Out

The internet has come a long way in the field of satisfying men as frequently as they choose to indulge themselves. But as a parent, there’s a new trend to be leery of that could deprive your daughter of her dignity forever, and it might just make these guys’ day.


Matt Valez laughing hysterically listening to Cakes 'Catfish' LTC. (Credit: Chris Lingebach)

Cakesfishing: Cakes ‘Catfishes’ Larry The Corky

There’s one thing Junkies show character ‘Larry The Corky’ wants more than anything from the guys: to meet Angelina Jolie. But unless they change their name to Kevin McCarthy, there’s no way that will ever […]




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