Maryland Science Center

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Maryland Science Center Celebrating Pi Day

The Maryland Science Center in Baltimore is celebrating Pi Day with a party.


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Md. Pumpkin Smash Ends Halloween With a Splat

The Maryland Science Center in Baltimore invites you to punctuate the end of Halloween with a Pumpkin Smash.


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Five Ways To Celebrate “Pi” Day (March 14) In Washington DC

Every year on March 14, pi is roughly equal to 3.14, math enthusiasts and number junkies celebrate the famous three digits. Celebrate the irrational number with these rational treats and events.


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Best Family Friendly New Year’s Parties In Washington DC

Enjoy First Night activities, New Year’s Eve celebrations and a safe, family friendly environment perfect for celebrating 2013 together.


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Albert Einstein’s 133rd Birthday To Be Celebrated Mid-March

BALTIMORE (AP) — Wednesday is March 14, or 3-14, the first three digits of the number pi. The Maryland Science Center will be celebrating Pi Day with events dedicated to all things related to pi, […]